We provide specialized instructional tutoring in Mathematics for grades K-5.  We use only research and/or evidence based strategies and programs based on your child’s needs.  Students will be assessed and matched with a tutor who is a master implementer of the needed program or strategy.  

Mathematics Assessment

Your child will be assessed one on one to determine his or her deficit area in mathematics. Assessment takes approximately 45 - 75 minutes and must be done in person for validity. Within about a week after assessment you will receive a customized report including:

  • the assessment results and what they mean
  • suggestions for how parents/caregivers can best assist their child at home
  • tutoring recommendations

Specialized Mathematics Tutoring

In addition to our assessment results, we recommend that you bring any additional assessment results from the school or independent evaluations for the tutor the review. We offer several different options for your specialized tutoring sessions.

  • Face to face Individual sessions (one on one) - 60 minutes
  • Face to face Small Group Sessions (2-4 students with similar needs) - 60 minutes
  • Virtual Individual Sessions - 30-45 minutes depending on age of child
  • Virtual Small Group Sessions (2-4 students with similar needs) - 45- 60 minutes depending on age of children

Please note that small group sessions are not always possible as students must be at or near the same mathematics level and have the same needs in order to be grouped together. Small Group sessions offer a reduced hourly rate and allow for students to learn from each other's thinking and benefit from peer explanations.

Fee Schedule

  • Evaluation & Report - $249
  • Individual Face to Face Specialized Tutoring - $295 for Four 60 minute sessions
  • Small Group Face to Face Tutoring - $199 for Four 60 minute sessions
  • Individual Virtual Specialized Tutoring - $199 for Four 45 minute sessions
  • Small Group Virtual Tutoring - $149 for Four 45 minute sessions
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