May 10, 2021

How to Use Digital Math Tools With Your Students

Are you interested in where you can learn a bit more about How to Use Digital Math Tools With Your Students? I was recently interviewed by Dr. Monica Burns for an episode of her Easy EdTech Podcast.

Here’s the description of the episode: What role does technology play in your math classroom? In this episode, Naomi Church shares tips for everyday math lessons and shares strategies for incorporating UDL (Universal Design for Learning) into your math instruction. You’ll hear how to incorporate distance learning practices into a face-to-face classroom setting to give students multiple ways to learn and share in a math classroom this year.

It’s available on all of the popular podcast platforms. You can listen on your favorite podcast app by clicking one of the links below or searching for “Easy EdTech Podcast.” If you’re not usually a podcast listener but interested in checking this out, you can listen straight from your web browser without downloading anything. 

Here are the links to the episode:

I can’t wait for you to hear about How to Use Digital Math Tools With Your Students in this new episode. You can find links to everything we discussed right on her website at:

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