August 26, 2020

The Three Reads Strategy

The Three Reads Strategy is an instructional routine that helps students to read like a mathematician.


  • 3 Reads increases receptive language among this students. This is critical for all students, especially students with language impairments, those who are deaf or hard of hearing and English language learners. Receptive language is our ability to interpret a question or make sense of a situation. This strategy allows students this critical language practice during Math.
  • 3 Reads helps students to construct a visual for the word problem in their head. Often times students struggle with word problems because they don't comprehend the text and can't visualize the situation. The first read helps student to relate to the problem and create a visual.
  • 3 Reads engages students with Math Practice Standards 1-4.
Here's a poster outlining the 8 standards for mathematical ...
Common Core Math Practice Standards


  1. First Read: What is the situation about?
  2. Second Read: What are the quantities in this situation? How are they related?
  3. Third Read: What are all the possible mathematical questions we could answer using the available information?

Sample Lesson Plan using Three Reads by Barbara Blanke

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